No need to dream of a White Christmas, we've got one!

No need to dream of a White Christmas this year. We have one! 

Originally, we had planned to drive to my mother-in-law's house in Mount Shasta, in the mountains of far northern California, on Friday afternoon. However, because of a winter storm that make freeway driving iffy, especially for cars without snow tires, we decided to delay our departure until Saturday morning. It ended up being a good decision because we were able to experience winter wonderland in all its glory once we got to Castella, about 15 miles south of Mount Shasta.

This photo of Castle Crags epitomizes what I mean: 

Castle Crags
Castle Crags from Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir

Here's my mother-in-law's very photogenic red barn, framed by glistening icicles hanging from the roof of the house:

The barn on Old Stage Road that I seem to photograph every time we visit:

So much beauty:

After lunch I drove around town looking at the winter magic that is everywhere right now:

Black Butte (6,436 ft.):

And Mount Shasta (14,179 ft.):

Happy Holidays once again to all of you out there. I hope you're warm and cozy surrounded by people and plants you love.


  1. So wonderful! Dreary and damp here, so some pristine snow looks so good right now. Merry Christmas!

  2. Your every photo is a Christmas-card. Mount Shasta--wowza!

    Have a wonderful day with your family!

  3. Castle Crags is a great place to hike. And as usual Gerhard, what great photography! Have a wonderful holiday time.

  4. You had me going for a minute. I plopped down at the computer to wake up after crawling out of bed, and when I saw your blog subject line, popped franticly up to peer through the curtains in unbelief, expecting to see snow. Don't DO that to me! Sue

  5. Beautiful! Merry Christmas, and drive safe! Our wintery goodness up here is all gone, and the sun is out. Which makes it feel pretty much like any other day. We might head up to the mountain for a spell this evening, to get some customary skiing in, for no other reason than to make it feel like Christmas. Without snow, it just doesn't feel real.

  6. One of my favorite parts when driving to Portland is the stretch between Dunsmuir and the border. I have never taken photos there;I always seem to be on the road with a self imposed deadline to my destination. I need to make a better effort to photograph this beautiful part of our state. I love your images of Black Butte !

  7. I echo Hoover Boo's comment - every single photo is gorgeous! Enjoy your holiday, Gerhard.

  8. Stunning country -- what a place to celebrate the winter holidays.


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