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Over-the-top cactus flower extravaganza (2 of 2)

The cactus flower extravaganza in my friend Justin's East Bay garden continues below.  Click here to see part 1, Astrophytum to Lobivia . At the bottom of this post, Justin shares some growing tips, including soil, watering, and fertilization. Mammillaria With over 200 species, one of the largest cactus genus and quite possibly the most collected. With some exceptions (like M. dawei and M. guelzowiana below), Mammillaria typically have small to very small flowers, but there are often many of them forming rings around the body of the plant. Mammillaria bombycina Mammillaria bombycina Mammillaria compressa Mammillaria dawei Mammillaria elongata Mammillaria fittkaui Mammillaria grahamii Mammillaria grahamii Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria guelzowiana Mammillaria matudae Mammillaria microhelia Mammillaria microhelia Mammillaria mystax Mammillaria mystax Mammillaria perezdelarosae Crested Mammillaria pringlei Crested Mammillaria pringlei Mammillaria saf