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Justin's Bay Area cactus and succulent garden

After my visit to Stephen and Gary's East Bay garden chronicled in this post , the three of us headed over to Justin's garden in Pinole. It's only 8 miles as the crow flies, but the drive takes about 25 minutes because of the hilly terrain in between.  The two properties—Stephen and Gary's, and Justin's—couldn't be more be different. The first is 27,000 sq. ft. in the tree-studded hills, the second is 6,000 sq.ft. in the flatlands. But each gardener has adapted to the location and topography and put his own stamp on it. Justin's front yard was a large expanse of pretty much nothing when they bought the house. Because of ongoing gopher problems, Justin began to create mounds to make it easier to install cages around the roots of plants preferred by the critters (especially agaves). He also incorporated rocks into the mounds in such a masterful way that they look entirely natural—no mean feat. This kind of work takes time and there's still plenty of room l