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Visiting master Echinopsis hybridizer Brent Wigand in Southern California

When I was in Southern California for my daughter’s university graduation a couple of weekends ago, I took the opportunity to visit Brent Wigand in Wildomar , a town in Riverside County just north of the San Diego County line. Brent has created sought-after aloe hybrids like ‘Unicorn’ ( Aloe peglerae × white-flowering Aloe ferox ), ‘Superman’ ( Aloe cameronii  × white-flowering  Aloe ferox ), and ‘Maui Gem’ ( Aloe mawii  × globuligemma ), but in recent years, his attention has been focused on echinopsis hybrids, both collecting and making his own. Brent lives on a 1¾-acre property outside of Wildomar and sells plants from his backyard nursery by appointment. As I was driving up his street, I immediately knew which place was his. It’s easy to see why: As soon as I stepped out of my car, I started to snap photos: The street continues to climb Aloes, agaves, cacti and other succulents, plus cycads and palms: this is my kind of landscaping Bismarck palms ( Bismarckia nobilis ) with their