Mangaves in mid-summer (late July 2021)

We're only half way through the summer of 2021, but the Sacramento Valley has set heat records already. Fortunately, the really hot spells have been intermittent, but there have been several, and I expect several more. Going by the UC Davis weather station , the highest temperature of the summer so far was 112°F on July 11. As part of an ongoing effort to document how our garden is faring, this post is about the many mangaves I'm growing—a few in pots, but most in the ground. In a nutshell: All mangaves are handling the heat very well. Some are folding up their leaves in response to the high temperatures but are otherwise carrying on like it's business as unusual. Most importantly, I haven't had a single loss, which is an impressive testament to their resilience. Let's take a closer look. The mangaves that show the least response to the heat are listed first, the ones showing the most dramatic response come last. For each plant, I indicate how much sun it gets. All

Don't miss Inter-City 2021, August 6-8 in Los Angeles: the biggest cactus and succulent show and sale in the country

WHAT After being canceled last year because of COVID-19, the 2021 Inter-City Cactus and Succulent Show and Sale is a go. One of the largest events of its kind in the country, the Inter-City Show combines a juried exhibition of succulents entered by growers of all levels with a 3-day sale of plants and pottery. WHY The show is a unique opportunity to see impeccably grown cacti and other succulents from private collections. Many are innovatively staged, often in perfectly matched containers.  Just as exciting is the sale happening Friday through Sunday. Almost two dozen vendors will be selling a huge variety of plants as well as pottery and accessories. A few of the plant vendors are nurseries, but most are specialty growers without a retail outlet. Cactus and succulent shows are pretty much the only way to buy their plants. WHO Here is a list of all the vendors: Botanic Wonders  (Al Klein) Arnold Chaney California Cactus Center Desert Creations Duke Benadom Grow Nursery Jim Hanna John M

Today is National Agave Day!

Did you know that today, July 23, is National Agave Day?  Yes, today is the first-ever National Agave Day, following the official proclamation by writer Loree Bohl on her agave-licious blog,  the danger garden . As Loree says: By the power vested in me, as the originator of the #agavesaremyfavorite hashtag and lover of all things agave I hereby declare July 23rd to be National Agave Day! Wherein all agaves everywhere will be celebrated. Every year on July 23rd there will be parades, purchasing of agaves and planting parties dedicated to the love of this most fabulous spiky plant. Celebrate #nationalagaveday!!!  As a card-carrying agave aficionado, I second her declaration with great gusto and enthusiasm. Let's embrace #nationalagaveday and raise a toast to the queen of succulents, the majestic agave! If you drink alcohol, an agave-based adult beverage involving tequila ,  mescal , or raicilla is a no-brainer, but if you don't, there are plenty of delectable non-alcoholic alte