More echinopsis fireworks – more cacti, more photos

In my previous post , you saw the spectacular blooms of Echinopsis  'Flying Saucer' and  Echinopsis  'First Light', two of the most beautiful echinopsis hybrids around. But we have many other echinopsis planted out all over the front yard. This post will focus on the ones that bloomed recently. Another ten or so are in bud, but not close to flowering yet. This post is not only a showcase for pretty flowers, it's also a reference for myself to go back to in future years. If you're only here for the pictures, simply skip the other stuff. These hybrids flowered in our garden in May: Echinopsis ‘Apricot Glow’ Echinopsis ‘Daydream’ Echinopsis ‘Flattycake’ Echinopsis ‘For Norma’ Echinopsis ‘Intensive’ Echinopsis ‘June Noon’ Echinopsis ‘Salmon Queen’ Echinopsis ‘Sex on the Beach’ Echinopsis ‘Shades of Bourne’ Echinopsis ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Echinopsis ‘Super Apricot’ Echinopsis ‘Tondelayo’ Echinopsis ‘Wessner 368’ Some are larger, like 'June Noon' and &

Echinopsis fireworks: 'Flying Saucer' and 'First Light'

Some of the cacti I planted a few years ago are now large enough to produce more than just one flower or two at a time. Few sights are more spectacular in my mind than a profusion of cactus flowers, and I’m very happy to report that two of my echinopsis hybrids, ‘Flying Saucer’ and ‘First Light’, delivered this year. Really delivered. The spectacle was short-lived, but it was magical. It was gratifying to see neighbors stop and look at the flowers. The other day, my wife and I were out on the sidewalk when a man I’d never seen before stopped and said, “The guy who lives here really likes cactus.” That made me laugh. I did reveal my identity, which made him chuckle. Echinopsis ‘Flying Saucer’ Echinopsis ‘Flying Saucer’ is one of the most popular echinopsis hybrids. One look at the flowers, and you’ll agree. Mature specimens can produce flowers that are 10 inches in diameter. I measured the largest on mine, and it was 9 inches. Echinopsis ‘Flying Saucer’ is a hybrid between an unidenti