Another quick trip to Santa Barbara

I just got back from Santa Barbara, just three months after my previous trip . I gave a talk on mangaves at the Santa Barbara Cactus and Succulent Society (a great club!) and added a few extra days to do some exploring. Here’s a quick overview of what I did and saw. I’ll have more detailed posts in the weeks to come. The motel I stayed at in Santa Barbara, the Lemon Tree Inn , had the kind of succulent-centric landscaping I love: Massive Agave guiengola Hundreds of Agave attenuata , this one right outside my patio I was able to explore Lotusland on my own – a very special experience I won’t soon forget: Japanese Garden at Lotusland Tree ferns Echinopsis flowers Euphorbia ammak Cactus forest outside the main residence Agave grower extraordinaire Tony Krock showed me how he cuts agaves for propagation. As a Succulents and More exclusive, I’ll share a video of his demonstration. Tony Krock with his miniature machete Tony demonstrating how he cuts agaves in half to trigger the productio

Update on Kyle's garden in Sacramento and Tahoe Park Garden Tour

If you’ve been following Succulents and More for a while, you’ve probably seen the garden of my geologist friend Kyle in Sacramento ( here , here , here , and here ). It’s been 10 months since my last post. Kyle is a very active gardener, and things have changed – a lot. There are more rocks and more plants, not just succulents, but also California natives and perennials. Let’s take a look. In the front, Kyle expanded the planting strip by converting more lawn. I joke about the lawn disappearing altogether some day. That isn’t likely to happen because the two trees in the front yard need to be watered; irrigating the lawn also provides water to the trees. Look at the way the echeverias at the front are tucked into the rock Closer to the house, there are a few surprises, including a Leucospermum  'Starlight' and a Japanese maple with burgundy leaves: One thing ties everything together, both in the front yard and in the back: the rocks. Kyle’s garden has more rocks than any other