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Huntington Desert Garden, December 2020: agaves and other New World buddies

Last week, I showed you what was blooming in the Old World section of the Huntington Desert Garden when I visited on December 31, 2020. This post continues where the Old World section converges with the New World section.  While there is a general geographic separation between Old World (upper garden) and New World (lower garden), you'll see the occasional overlap, like aloes growing next to cactus. Purists may object to that, but as a fusion gardener, I'm totally on board—after all, it's exactly what I do at home. The major changes currently happening in the Desert Garden, including the construction of a new entrance and new paths, are largely confined to the upper end. There's little evidence of construction in the lower portion. I don't often include people in my photos, but I'm making a point in this post to show how few visitors there were. As I mentioned earlier , the Huntington requires advance reservations and has a strict capacity limit to make social