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Succulent cornucopia at Plant Depot nursery in San Juan Capistrano

When people hear San Juan Capistrano, they think of the Spanish mission and of swallows . Every spring, thousands of cliff swallows make the 6,000 mile journey from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano where they nest and have babies before they fly back to Argentina in the fall. Located at the southern tip of Orange County , not far from the San Diego County line, San Juan Capistrano is the quintessential Southern California town, the way so many of them used to be: laid back and simply beautiful. The Pacific Ocean is just a few miles away, and the climate is fantastic year round. Sounds like a good place to live, doesn't it? Another big bonus: San Juan Capistrano has one of the best independent nurseries in Southern California, Plant Depot . I'm in Orange County visiting my daughter this week, and I met up at Plant Depot with fellow blogger Hoover Bo ( Piece of Eden ). She actually beat me to it and posted about our visit here . My post is all about succulents. Looking at the ph