Yucca linearifolia benefiting from 75% pottery bargain

I happened to be at the Green Acres Nursery location in Folsom, CA yesterday, and they were closing out two lines of unglazed pottery. Even though I hadn’t meant to buy any pots, this is what I went home with:


The larger pots are 14x15” (width x height), the medium-sized ones 11x12” and the smaller ones 8x10”.


Why did I end up buying 10 pots?

Because they were a bargain!


How much of a bargain? 75% off!

This brought the price of the large ones down to $5.63, the medium-sized ones to $3.88, and the small ones to $1.88. I’m not kidding! For all 10 pots, I paid $34, before tax. How could I pass that up!


I actually did need a larger pot for the Yucca linearifolia near the front door. It had completely outgrown its container.


Here it is in its new pot.


I’m very happy with how well the color of the unglazed pot blends with everything else.


The plant peeking around the corner on the right is Beaucarnea stricta, a relative of the ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)


Discovered in northern Mexico in the 1980s, Yucca linearifolia was initially thought to be a subspecies of Yucca rostrata. Since then, its has been promoted to species status.


Check out this post from March 2012 to see how much my Yucca linearifolia has grown. In fact all the yucca shown in that post have grown quite a bit; I need to do an update soon.

Back to Green Acres Nursery. The 75% off sale is for two styles of this unglazed pottery from Thailand (the manufacturer is River Cottage Gardens). I don’t know if their other two locations are running this sale too, but it’s worth a call.

Now I need to figure out where to put my new pots and what to plant in them!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm always never lucky enough to find a bargain like this, so I'm extra happy.

  2. They are very nice looking pots as well, fitting the scheme of your garden nicely. Absolute bargains!

    1. A bargain is even sweeter when it's something you actually like. I agree, these pots do go well with the color of our house and flagstone walkway.

  3. Ha ! You don't mess around when you find a bargain do you ? What a great score---those prices are great. The Yucca looks dandy in that pot.

    1. I wish I'd taken the van to go to the nursery, I would have bought even more. But there's only so much you can put in a Honda Civic, especially since I'd already done some shopping at Costco.

  4. Why buy just 1 when you can buy 10!? (It sounds like I'm making fun but really I'm not, I totally get it, nice score!)

    1. Exactly! A year ago I would have bought a couple, just to regret it later. Now I'm less timid.

  5. Fantastic bargain, and beautiful pots! Did you know about the sale before you arrived, or was it just right place at the right time?

    1. Nope, I had no idea this sale was going on. I don't think they had enough pots left to advertise this special.

  6. Feeling jealous. I must not be shopping enough to not find bargains.


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