Mushrooms in my succulent bed

Here’s a topic I haven’t talked about much on this blog: mushrooms. But then, the past few winters have been very dry so mushrooms haven’t been a common sight. This year, I have a feeling, will be very different. With another 1 inch of rain in the last 24 hours, we’re now up to a full 8 inches for the month of December alone— that’s more in a month than we received in all of 2013 (less than 6 inches).

Here’s what I just spotted in the succulent bed between our driveway and our neighbor’s:


I haven’t got the faintest idea what kind of fungus it is, but it’s quite pretty up close:


The mushrooms in our neighbor’s front yard are even more beautiful:


They look like might even be edible although I won’t volunteer!


Some critter has already decided to take a nibble:


Mushrooms aren’t the only thing sprouting after the recent rains: Weeds are positively exploding out of the ground.


Time to bring out the Roundup (glyphosate). Just kidding, a good old weeding knife is all it takes.


  1. Wait till you see the one growing on one of my cactus. It was like a slimy cucumber snail.

  2. I caught my breath for a minute there, thinking, NO! Of course you wouldn't. A little weeding is good for the soul.

    1. I agree! Weeding has a soothing effect on me. As does plucking leaves from succulents, oddly enough. And with the soil being so wet, weeding is fairly easy as well. That's my chore for Saturday.

  3. Quite a quirky thing to incorporate in a succulent bed ;)

    1. It's an intriguing thing to look at, but I'm just as glad that it's temporary. It looks a bit too alien for year-round interest.

  4. Yes, I was out scowling at quickly sprouting weeds. Soon snails will follow, but all in all, still better than drought.

    1. Slugs/snails are here. I think they're responsible for the chunks missing from our neighbor's mushrooms. And I have a small variegated Aloe maculata that is beating eaten alive by slugs. They ate the top half of one leaf, leaving the inside completely exposed. Aloe maculata is tough, but my plant has so much variegation that I'm not sure it will make it.


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