Green hills and California poppy meadow

A friend was visiting this weekend and we decided to take a drive to Lake Berryessa, about 45 minutes west of here. The route is very scenic, especially in the spring. Thanks to the series of rain storms we had in recent weeks, the hills were as green as I had expected. Combined with a blue sky and puffy white clouds, this made for picture-postcard perfect scenery. (People used to the lushness of, say, Ireland will laugh, but we can take what we get in our Mediterranean climate.)


140405_Winters Berryessa_008

140405_Winters Berryessa_009


The biggest surprise of the day was the discovery of a meadow full of California poppies. It is rare to came across large expanses of poppies. I don’t know if this meadow is natural or man-made, but it is adjacent to (and possibly part of) a county park.

140405_Winters Berryessa_022

It was such a joy walking among the poppies. I was careful not to step on any.

140405_Winters Berryessa_016

The variety of grasses was interesting too.

140405_Winters Berryessa_018

This is what vast tracts of California must have looked like before it was transformed by ever larger numbers of people.

140405_Winters Berryessa_019

There are many different explanations for our state’s motto, “The Golden State.” My personal favorite: California was named “The Golden State” because of the poppies that blanketed the hillsides and valleys in the spring.



  1. That does look spectacular Gerhard but even more amazing is the quality of your photos which reflects your great photography skills. Superb photos!!

    1. THANK YOU! These are very kind words coming from gardeners I admire so much :-).

  2. Beautiful!!! I love those fields full of california poppies! what a gorgeous scenery.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. It truly was a magical day. In a month, the hills will start to dry up and the poppies will just a be a memory.

  3. Your cloud pictures are amazing!!

    1. Thank you, Jeanne. I must admit I'm a sucker for good clouds!


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