Blue jacarandas in full bloom—in Sydney, Australia

In the spring I waxed poetic about a blue jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) I spotted around town. Jacarandas are not very hardy, and I’m still surprised the tree I photographed has managed to grow as tall as it has without being cut down by a hard frost. I even considered planting a blue jacaranda in our own front yard as a replacement for our nasty cherry plum tree but ultimately chose a palo verde instead.

It’s no secret, then, that I’m very fond of blue jacarandas. There are few trees that can beat them for visual impact in the spring when they’re covered with masses of bluish purple flowers. Unlike many spring-blooming trees, jacaranda flowers last for many weeks. And the fallen petals look beautiful, too, as they form a carpet beneath the tree.

Here in the northern hemisphere we’ll have to wait another six months before we see jacarandas in bloom again, but down under they’re at their peak right now. Last night our friend from Sydney, Australia sent us a few photos of blue jacarandas in their neighborhood, and with his permission I’d like to share them with you. They sure are a wonderful sight to see!




All photos © 2013 William Ellis. All rights reserved.


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Bill's photos!

  2. Funny enough our friend from South Africa was talking about Jacarandas blooming there too!


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