Succulent goodie boxes at Davis Food Coop

While the Davis Food Coop has been our favorite grocery store since we moved here, it’s not exactly the go-to place to buy plants. They do sell small vegetable starts in the spring and the occasional potted plant, but nothing that would rival even the limited floral offerings of a regular supermarket.


That’s why I was very surprised to see these “succulent gardens.” Essentially, they’re wooden crates filled with all manner of succulent cuttings.


At $39.98 they’re anything but cheap, especially considering that you don’t get a lot of variety in each box. But if you need a bunch of cuttings for a project, say a succulent wreath, this might fit the bill.


Personally, I didn’t care so much about the plants but I loved the crates. If they’d been for sale at $5 each, I would have bought a few—and filled them with a much more interesting mix of succulents.

I shouldn’t be too critical. It’s great to see succulents become increasingly mainstream. However, the price of these succulent crates is just too high to tempt casual shoppers to make an impulse purchase.

P.S. Sorry for the less than perfect pictures. I snapped them with my cell phone—and apparently with shaky hands.


  1. Looks like they are meant to be sold as 'trendy' planters hence the price. But the crates are lovely and you can creative with the planting in it!

  2. Interesting. They didn't even let the plants "adjust themselves" to the new conditions for a few days. That would have made these much more attractive on the shelf.

    The crates aren't even that special. (Did I wake up crabby today?)


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