Sometimes what you get is not what you thought

About six weeks ago I bought a bunch of plants for a raised bed in a corner of the front yard. This included three Asiatic lilies: two cultivars called ‘White Pixels’ and one called ‘Lollipop’. This is what the label for ‘Lollipop’ looks like:


Compare that to the actual flowers, which just opened up:


The flowers are pretty, no doubt about it.



But they’re not what I wanted. They remind me too much of the orange day lilies (Hemerocallis sp.) that are so common around town. Unfortunately, when you buy a young plant that isn’t in bloom, you have to trust that the labeling is correct. Which in my case it clearly wasn’t.

Luckily, the other two lilies I bought, ‘White Pixels’, were correctly labeled.


This is what the flowers look like:



I don’t know why this cultivar is called ‘White Pixels’ when the pixels are burgundy, but that’s marketing for you.


  1. What a bummer, so frustrating. I can imagine how great the combo of 'White Pixels' with 'Lollipop' would have looked. The orange, not so much.

  2. Oh dear, the bane of wrong labelling :( at least White Pixels were correct, and pretty too!

  3. The orange looks like a giveaway plant maybe? I'm a little surprised that happened at a nursery, as I expect it at big box stores for sure. I was at Lowe's this morning and some Penstemon with something like "hot pink" on the labels were all covered in blue/white blooms!

  4. Wow, lily flowers already!?! Mine are just getting buds. I got the same experience trying to get some 'Casablanca' lillies--I got the same orange ones you got. Maybe those orange ones sneak their way into the packages?

    The 'White Pixel' is pretty!


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