Agaves and tacos: El Chorlito in San Simeon

Today is the climax of this week’s heat wave. if the forecasts are right, the temperature will drop 20 degrees by Monday. I can’t wait!

Since it’s so hot here at home, let’s wrap up our spring break visit to California’s Central Coast with a roadside quickie. As we were heading back to Morro Bay after visiting Hearst Castle, I spotted this pink building by the side of the road in the small town of San Simeon:


Needless to say it was the tall tree yuccas, the cactus and the agaves that made me pull over to take a closer look.


It turned out it was a Mexican restaurant called El Chorlito (chorlito is Spanish for plover). According to the sign, it’s been there since 1979, so it must be decent enough to still be in business. We didn’t eat there so I can’t comment on the food, but I sure liked the dense and colorful plantings.

This kind of architecture may be a stereotype for Mexican restaurants, but I’m still partial to it.


And who can resist entire clusters of foxtail agaves (Agave attenuata) surrounded by California poppies and other flowers? Not to mention jade plants, purple aeoniums, aloes and prickly pears!





A major reason why I love road trips is the element of surprise: not knowing what you’re going to stumble upon. El Chorlito definitely qualifies as a serendipitous find.


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  1. Oh my, you made me hungry now....for more plants and tacos!!

  2. I think you should seriously consider publishing a book of your road trips, Gerhard.

    1. Kris, what a nice thing to say. It's something I've considered before. With so many high-quality self-publishing options out there, it might actually happen.

  3. Love your "postcards", but I actually kinda want to see how your garden is doing in the heat...

    1. I hear you! My next posts (Saturday and Monday) will be from my garden.

      The garden is holding up well in the heat. Today (June 3) is supposed to the worst. We have a school concert to go to in the early evening. I hope they're rethining their original plan of holding it outdoors, considering it'll still be 102°F at 6pm.


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