Sizzling iceplant

After lunch I happened to peek over the 4-ft. fence that surrounds our front yard and my bleary eyes feel upon this sizzling sight:

130326_Drosanthemum micans_01

Drosanthemum micans

An iceplant in full bloom! Not only that, it’s also the first iceplant this year to flower. I could swear it wasn’t blooming yesterday, but I don’t always look at this particular corner of the front yard. Plus, when iceplant flowers are closed—which is pretty much whenever the sun isn’t shining on them—they are difficult to spot; a closed iceplant flower doesn’t give away the vibrant colors inside.

130326_Drosanthemum micans_02

This stunning iceplant is Drosanthemum micans. I bought it in April 2012 at Annie’s Annuals so it’s been in the ground for almost a year. It’s almost tripled in size but this is the first time it’s bloomed.

130326_Drosanthemum micans_03

According to Annie’s web site, Drosanthemum micans forms a mound up to 2½ ft. tall and 3 ft. across. If and when that happens, people on the other side of the street will be blinded by the vibrant colors!

130326_Drosanthemum micans_04

I’ve got my eye on another Drosanthemum from Annie’s, Drosanthemum speciosum. I’ll pick one up at this year’s Spring Party on April 13.


  1. Wow! How long will they bloom for?

  2. Annie's web site says it's everblooming along the coast. Time will tell how long it will bloom here. Hopefully for a few months at least...

  3. That one is a real poke in the eye! I bought three ice plants at the Northwest Flower Show, one with orange and pink flowers. That one might hurt my eyes too.

  4. Love the hot colour of those blooms Gerhard!


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