Interesting plant sightings at Lowes

I was at our local Lowes yesterday to pick up some parts for our drip irrigation system, and I made a quick pass through their garden center. Usually their offerings aren’t too exciting, but every now and then I see something good—like when the clearance table is well stocked. But even though the clearance plants were a sorry bunch this time, a few others did catch my eye.


So many strappy-leafed beauties on this table!


Yucca gloriosa ‘Variegata’


Yucca filamentosa ‘Color Guard’; the three in the front had a neat pink tinge that I’ve never seen in my own specimen


Cordyline banksii ‘Electric Pink’


Succulent arrangements are all the rage. Candy “Sweetstuff” does so much better!


Good to see cacti with glued-on strawflowers are alive and well!


Flats of sedums and iceplants


Here’s a plant I’d never seen or heard of: Andromeda polifolia, or bog rosemary


It needs constantly moist acidic soil; not sure many gardens around here have that


I love this columbine (Aquilegia hybrid). Columbines are among my favorite spring flowers.


Helleborus × ballardiae ‘HGC Pink Frost’. This is the most beautiful hellebore I’ve ever seen. I love the dusky rose flowers and the burgundy stems. I’ve had good luck with my Helleborus ‘Janet Starnes’ so I decided to cough up the $$ for this beauty.

NOTE: These photos were taken with my new smartphone. I’m very pleased with the quality—on par with a compact digital camera, I’d say.


  1. Wow! Your pictures reminded me that I haven't been to the box stores in a while. Your Lowes has some cool plants! Picture quality is amazing for a phone.

    1. I noticed that Lowe's now carries plants by Monrovia. They are higher priced, but larger and usually of better quality.

  2. We should switch Lowes sometime -- then we could be excited by each other's "common" plants.

    Bog andromeda was one of the first plants I bought 10 years ago, and it lasted a few months before dying. It was a good lesson learned: not every plant is "put it in the ground and forget it".

    1. Whenever I'm out of town, I try to visit a local nursery or box store just to see what they have.

      I'd never heard of bog andromeda before. It's a beautiful plant for sure, but so specific in its needs. Water is a scarce resources in our neck of the woods, so I passed on it. I'm rethinking a lot of water-thirsty plants, including bamboo...

  3. Quite a surprise to know that the photos were taken by a smartphone, the quality of photos looks at par with digital cameras indeed, just shows how much camera phones have improved.

    Not a bad selection there. I'm curious about that Andromeda polifolia now!

    1. I'm really impressive by my new phone. It's a Nexus 4, sold directly by Google in the U.S.. Move over iPhone, there's life outside of Planet Apple :-).

      Regarding that bog andromedia, you get enough precipation in the U.K., you should give it a try. According to Wikipedia, it's "found across northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere."

  4. Funny we were at Lowes this weekend too and I was blown away by some of the plants, of course I was also saddened by the gorgeous succulents with absolutely no labeling whatsoever that indicated they are not hardy here in Portland.


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