Front patio after cleanup

We spent a good part of Saturday cleaning up the front patio. Over the winter, a lot of debris had collected in the nooks and crannies, including tons of leaves from neighborhood trees. It seems that our house always ends up with everybody else’s leaves!

I’m really happy with how nice everything looks—although I have no illusions that it will stay that way forever, LOL.




Most of the potted plants on the ground haven’t been watered since early November. It’s now time to slowly rehydrate them. I’m careful not to overwater because the risk of rot still exists, especially since our nights are still on the cool side.



I rearranged the plant tables to break up the space and to give the plants more light.


130316_front-patio14 130316_front-patio16

This table contains the plants that spent the winter in our dining room.


The Asian lemon bamboo (Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridividatta’) and the sago palm (Cycas revoluta) provide a beautiful backdrop for this corner of the patio.

 130316_front-patio20 130316_front-patio22

The plants on this three-tiered display table have also been dry since November. We’re expecting a few rain showers later today; that should be the perfect amount of moisture to wake them up from their winter sleep.


And finally a few photos looking in the other direction.



There you have it: Our front patio looking the best it ever has. It’s actually fun now sitting at the bistro table enjoying a beer or glass of wine and watching the neighborhood go by.


  1. Gardeners who don't post "before" photos give us other gardeners complexes, because my patio or deck will never look this good. (Or so it seems.)

    1. You picked up on my little deception here, didn't you? I actually meant to take "before" pictures but I was so depressed with the general state of affairs, that I plain forgot. Or my unconscious made me forget.

  2. Looks gorgeous Gerhard. Just in time for your 50th birthday party!! I am facing such a cleanup and dread it. Plus fertilizing, and replacing all the plants that froze. I hope our Meyer lemon survives. It looks sick.

    1. I heard each guest gets to choose one potted plant to take home with them. :)

      My first thought when seeing the cleaned and organized patio was: wow, that's nicer than a lot of nursery displays I've seen, and there's a wider selection of plants too!

  3. Looking very neat there Gerhard, and advanced Happy Birthday too! Quite a collection of succulent plants there, so many goodies!

  4. I love seeing other people have as many (more) containers than I do! Good job and Happy early Birthday!

  5. I love your plants, I have a thing for succulents too !! :) Unfortunately, I live in Central Europe where I have to keep them indoors. Your garden looks wonderful!


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