I've gone to the dogs...


Samoyeds Boris and Natasha welcoming me to their garden paradise. Photo by Hoover Boo.

If you follow Hoover Boo's fabulous blog Piece of Eden, you know who these cuties are.

I'm having a great time visiting gardens and nurseries in Southern California, collecting lots of new blog material.

Demonstration bed at Roger's Gardens

New posts coming right after the New Year.

On that note: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Hey! I read Both your blogs... what a treat to see y'all together! :)

  2. Wonderful to have you in SoCal, Gerhard!

  3. Lucky you! I hope you're collecting more than just blog material, something more like actual plant material is more like it.

  4. Boris and Natasha look happy to see you! Did you bring treats?

  5. Happy New Year Gerhard ! Such a treat to visit Hoovs' garden and meet the famous Boris and Natasha !

  6. Gorgeous dogs, and the plants look swoon-worthy - can’t wait for the new posts! And take care up north, since it appears winter weather is finally arriving...


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