Superior California mountain magic

Superior California is the northernmost part of California. Its fiercely proud residents claim they’re superior in many ways to their fellow Californians further south. I won’t get involved in that particular dogfight. But as far as scenic beauty is concerned, a good argument could be made about this region’s superiority.


Spending Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law’s in Mount Shasta, I was reminded again how magical this region is. We didn’t have the white Thanksgiving the weather people had forecast but I found snow at the higher elevations. And the day we left, it did start to snow but we had to hurry to get out of the mountains before the roads got too treacherous for our minivan, which is ill-equipped for winter driving conditions.


Instead of straight photos that reflect what I saw, the images in this post are interpretations that reflect what I felt. I hope that I’m able to share a bit of the magic with you.



160924_MtShasta_0042_ed   160924_MtShasta_0022_ed




Black Butte (6334 ft.), the “other” mountain in Mount Shasta





Hoover Boo said…
Wow! Gorgeous! Your photos get better and better and better!
Kris Peterson said…
Your photos speak to the other-worldly feel of the place. It seems disconnected from time and, very importantly, the tensions of the current political and social environment.
ks said…
Love the way you processed these - they are great in B/W .
Alan said…
Really beautiful, and I think they capture the feeling perfectly!
Evan Bean said…
Beautiful photos. Some of them look more like charcoal or pencil drawings than photographs. I love the effect.
Paul Douglas said…
Love Mt Shasta but I prefer it in the summer.... despite your gorgeous photos!
Could it be that you're not fond of the snow, LOL?
Thanks, Alan. Sometimes good things happen when you have too much time on your hands and you begin to explore all the digital tools available to you.
I'm usually so focused on making my photos as true to life as possible that switching to B&W felt like discovering a new world. Many years ago all I did was B&W. I even had an 8x10 view camera like Ansel Adams! I don't miss developing sheet film in a blacked-out bathroom.
I love that you interpreted my photos in your own personal way. Mission accomplished :-).
Aw shucks, don't know what to say to that. Thanks!