Wednesday Vignette: Smart Plants

Will buying a “Smart Plant” make me smart, too?



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  1. Replies
    1. Water smart, money smart. Maybe I can cook it for dinner to become brain smart?

  2. That's funny but not a bad marketing strategy!

    1. Hey, it certainly got me to stop and take a picture on my phone!

  3. I suppose planting smart would make you appear smart... As for me, if I was measured by that, I wouldn't make a very smart impression. I'd be the first to admit to making many, many dumb plant choices. I'm a little bit like that guy in Monty Python.. You know the one with "It's only a thin wafer..." Except my "thin wafers" often get really big.

  4. Oh yes, buying a smart plant will make one smart and buying clothes modeled by muscle-bound men will make me super fit and young. I prefer stupid plants because they make me feel smart when we have conversations.

  5. You'd think that with the amount of money Altman's is throwing at Home Depot these days, they could afford to supply them with bona fide "Smart Planet" signs.


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