Wednesday Vignette: coffee shop bouquet

On Saturday we found ourselves in an eclectic coffee shop in San Francisco. While the rest of the gang was ordering at the counter, I claimed one of the wooden tables on the sidewalk. Each table had a small bouquet of flowers in a mason jar. All too often these bouquets are quite forgettable. Not these! Ours had aeonium, rose, sea holly, leucadendron and Chinese pistache leaves for a pop of red. I was so taken with this combination, I snapped several photos and posted them to Instagram:




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11/19/2015 update: I just read that the place where I took these photos, Front Coffee + Café in the lower Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, is closing up shop. I’ve only been there this once, but this news still makes me sad since the owners clearly cared a lot about their business.


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  1. Picture #2. Again like a work of art: sharpness of the foliage behind the aeonium and softness of the background behind that. Exquisite.

  2. It's a nice surprise to find something so beautiful in an unexpected place! Love this arrangement!

    1. I thought the arrangement itself was striking but the well-worn wooden table was the pièce de resistance, providing the perfect background texture.

  3. That is beautiful! I bet the coffee tasted all the better because of the fabulous table arrangement!

  4. What a fabulous combination of colors and textures! Very cool pics!


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