After the rain

The last of three wet tropical storms is behind us. We had over four inches of rain in the space of four days, about a fifth of our total annual precipitation. There was no serious flooding here in Davis, but the ground is definitely saturated. It’s a good thing the sun came out on Sunday. We need a string of warm days to dry out!

Here are some photos I took on Sunday afternoon. I love how quickly things change: water in places that were dry just a few days ago—and will be dry again very soon—, more colorful leaves blown off the trees, grass and moss growing seemingly overnight…


Minor flooding along the greenbelt


Beautiful reflections


Soggy leaf pile


Yes, I love reflections…


…especially since they so fleeting


Gravel drainage strip


There’s something magical about these leaves


I hate to say it, but these beautiful leaves came from a tree I positive loathe…


…Bradford pear


These berries are from a…


…Chinese pistache tree


In spite of all the wind, many trees still retain a lot of their leaves…


…including this dwarf pomegranate


This is our own Chinese pistache tree, underplanted with Abutilon pictum ‘Thompsonii’


New grass growing in a puddle


Grass flattened by the wind


Reawakened moss growing in a crack at the foot of our driveway


More driveway moss


Mushrooms are popping out of the ground…


…all over the place. These two photos were taken at the base of a redwood tree.


  1. Nothing like a "little bit" of rain to wake things up, right? More mushroom photos!

  2. Such nice photos ! It was great to see the sun again on Sunday, but I was deflated by the va-voom growth of the winter weeds..oy, I need to get going with the mulch !

  3. Lovely photos! Your storm is traveling up the coast and will be arriving here soon. We live in a soggy area and are used to lots of rain in the winter though.

  4. Ooooh, I love your moss! All the photos look great!

    Parker was driving on Hwy 160 from downtown during the downpour and did not see a huge lake that had formed on the freeway at a curve. He hit it and his little Scion toaster car came to a stop and instantly flooded with water. It went inside his car. He had to push his car out of mid-thigh deep water. 5 other people got stuck in the water before police came and got cars to stop. His car was towed and stored and today delivered to a collision shop. He now has a rental and we are waiting word as to if they will total it or not. Thank goodness he has gap insurance and he is ok!

  5. The photo of that mushroom is superb (and the mushroom itself looks full of character..), interesting subject! The rest of your photos are lovely as well, especially with leaves scattered all over which actually looks pretty.

    Your area still looks pretty even after the storms. Glad to know that the worst has gone past and the storms didn't cause damage and too much nuisance.


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