All I did last weekend

I have a family, I sometimes work in excess of 50 hours a week, and I’m passionate about gardening and plants. On the weekend, I often spend many hours in the garden, sometimes doing productive work, sometimes just puttering around. And I take lots of photos and write three, four or even more blog posts a week. So it would be fair to say I’m busy. I’m not complaining because I usually love what I do.

But sometimes gardening and photography and blog-writing need to take a backseat to other activities, such as spending time with the family or even doing nothing much at all. This was definitely case this past Veterans Day weekend. The weather was quite glorious but even the thought of picking up a shovel, broom or rake was too much. I didn’t even feel like getting a nursery fix.

I did do one thing: consolidate four 4-inch plants into an impromptu arrangement. This makes it easier to keep these plants watered and it gives them a chance to grow to a more usable size by next summer.


It took ten minutes to do and it isn’t much, but it’s the only plant- or garden-related thing I felt like doing on the weekend. And I’m glad I listened to my inner voice. Sometimes being lazy is the right thing to do.


  1. Sometimes you do need a break from plants and blogosphere and just spend some lovely time with the family. And having occasional breaks actually invigorates you even more to carry on gardening and blogging :)

  2. Wait, we're allowed to take breaks from the garden and blog?

    I'm completely avoiding any work in the garden right now. Of the houses on my street, mine is the one with the thick blanket of leaves. Everybody else is almost leaf-free. Sigh.

    1. LOL, yes we are allowed!

      Letting the leaves pile up is a great strategy. Half of the leaves, or more, will eventually be blown elsewhere and you won't have to deal with them. I speak from experience :-).

  3. Being lazy is a wonderful thing of which we do far too little. Good for you for enjoying time away from it all!

  4. I think we all understand, even those of us not working 50 hours a week (yes, that would be me).

    So what is the long drippy plant in your new arrangement? I like it.

  5. Its not being lazy, its having you priorities right!


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