Echeveria in bloom

Last year I put a bunch of echeveria offsets in a glazed strawberry pot, not expecting much. In fact, I never even really finished the pot by putting a feature plant in the top. Much to my surprise, the echeverias not only survived, they positively thrived, and now they are in bloom.

Glazed strawberry pot with Echeveria subsessilis.
The other succulent is Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’.

I had the pot in the full sun until just recently, but with the advent of summer and temperatures in the 90s, I thought it prudent to move it onto the front porch where it’s in half shade now.

Echeverias in full bloom

I love the way echeverias flower: Their flower stalks form a hook on top, which, when two stalks are side by side, often results in a heart. Weird and wonderful for sure.

Two flower stalks forming a heart
The flowers themselves are very small, less than ½" across

I recently planted offsets from our Aeonium ‘Kiwi’ in the top of the pot. Aeoniums are winter growers so they’re about to go dormant for the summer, but I expect good growth next fall. The yellow from the aeoniums will be a nice contrast against the blue of the pot.


  1. I do like Echeveria flowers! To me they look like Tinkerbell hats or even little sweets!

  2. Those are really cool little flowers! I wonder if the little echeveria in my terrarium will flower?

  3. Never saw 'hens and chicks' looking so beautiful. You're photos captured a loveliness not often seen.

  4. Thank you, all, for your nice comments.

    Alan, your echeveria should bloom even in a terrarium. In my experience, they bloom more readily than just about any other succulent.

  5. How do I get my echerevia to bloom

    1. Be sure to give it enough sun or bright light but protect it from the hot afternoon sun (depending on where you live). It does need bright light to flower.


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