Wednesday Vignette: mailboxes with cactus

Do the prickly pears get mail too?

Outside of Tucson, AZ

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danger garden said…
I'm struck by the different sizes of the mailbox "poles"...4951 must be expecting some really heavy mail.
Kris Peterson said…
We have a "spur road" off our street with a similar hodge-podge of mailboxes - but no Opuntia.
Hoover Boo said…
Fun photo! 4951 used an old telephone pole--clever!
THAT's what it is! Like Danger, I'd been wondering about the size of the post.
The opuntias were the icing on the cake!
See Hoov's reply. A telephone pole! Maybe the pole had always been there and the other mailboxes sprung up around it?
Love this photo graph...rustic with cactus!