A citrusy Sunday morning

Friends of ours here in Davis were out of town for the weekend, and our younger daughter was taking care of their animals. While she was feeding the critters, I took some photos of their many citrus trees. All of them are heavy with fruit right now--plump and perfect.

As much as I dislike winter, being able to harvest citrus right off the tree is the biggest reward of the season for me.

While we only have three citrus trees (Bearss lime, Meyer lemon and Washington navel orange), our friends have many more, including the tastiest mandarins I've had all year.

Here's another plus of citrus fruit: They're colorful and photogenic. See for yourselves!


  1. Citrus are really beautiful ornamental trees, quite apart from the tasty fruit.

    Maybe advise the owners to get rid of the trash palm, as they become prime nesting habitat for rats when the old fronds start forming a skirt.

  2. I remember when there were Oranges in Orange County. Citrus groves are a childhood memory, and to this day it is my favorite fragrance.So evocative for me. I have two dwatfs a Bearss Lime and Meyer lemon both in containers. They sailed through winter.

  3. Those are some healthy trees! It reminds me that mine need a fertilizer boost.


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