Wednesday Vignette: ginkgo yellow

Move over, mellow yellow. Ginkgo yellow is the new kid in town. At least for a few more days.

How we see color, and respond to it, is highly subjective. For me, the yellow of ginkgo leaves at their autumn peak is one of the cheeriest colors I know. I see pure yellow leaning ever so slightly towards orange. (In this chart, I’d say ginkgo yellow corresponds to #14, the most popular choice of “healthy” people, i.e. folks neither anxious nor depressed. Interpret this as you wish.)


All the photos in this vignette were taken last Sunday on the UC Davis campus, less than ten minutes from my house. I was checking on their aloes (post to come) and came across these ginkgos that were just screaming to be photographed.






Four years ago I wrote this post about a free 400-page e-book on gingkos. It is still available for download from this link—well worth it for the photos alone.


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  1. That really is a fabulous shade of yellow! So uniform too!

  2. Stunning. Gingko is one of the most reliable trees to take on fall color in my world. Imagine driving eastward, on a very wide street with a large central median, a 5,000 foot, often snow-capped, mountain peak in the background, bright blue skies and barren branches of trees thrusting skyward and puddles of brilliant gold upon green grass surrounding them. This is Huntington Drive in San Marino around December 10. My favorite view. Alas this gorgeous scene is no more. I cry. It is a casualty of the water restrictions preventing the irrigation of median strips. So I am doubly thankful to see your post.

  3. I'm with you, Gerhard - every year, I look forward to the yellowing leaves of the Ginkos. There is one in particular, at the lower gate of the Portland Japanese Garden. I came upon it several years ago, in full golden glory, in late afternoon light. It was magnificent!!! Of course I didn't have a camera, so I can't share the experience. I'm so glad you were better prepared. :)

  4. There's one Ginko in my neighborhood and I look forward to the show every year. A beautiful tree--your photos do them justice.


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