Succulent gardens at Costco

Costco is a membership warehouse club with locations in eight countries. I’m not much for shopping, but Costco is my favorite store. In fact, I’ve often said that if Costco doesn’t carry it, I don’t need it.

While Costco has a bit of everything, their garden section is fairly limited, especially at this time of year (spring is the peak season). Imagine my surprise when I came across this fairly large display yesterday:


Yes, several racks full of assorted succulents in small wooden crates!

I didn’t even know where to look first, there was so much to see. Check out the variety!

130612_SucculentGarden_Costco_01 130612_SucculentGarden_Costco_14








This variegated succulent was a standout:


I’d never seen it before and had no clue what it was. Keith Kitoi Taylor helped me figure it out: It’s a variegated version of the popular sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, which is now in a new genus called Hylotelephium. The mystery plant is Hylotelephium spectabile ‘Autumn Charm’.


I almost bought this box just for the mystery plant but then decided to hold off.


After all, the price, while not unreasonable, wasn’t a bargain either:


Knowing myself, though, by the time I go back to Costco I’ll wish I had bought it because the display will be gone. Things turn over very quickly at Costco!

Note: Sorry for the fairly poor image quality. The photos were taken on my phone in less than perfect lighting conditions.


Kitoi said…
Looks like Sedum 'autumn joy' variagate
Thanks, Keith! That's exactly it. Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Charm'.
I just realized that Sedum spectabile is now in a new genus, Hylotelephium. Ergo it should be Hylotelephium spectabile 'Autumn Charm'.
Alan said…
Oh I wish the Costco near us had succulent displays! We just get geraniums and some of the most common perennials, tropicals, and annuals. The lighting in our store is really weird too -- makes plants look incredibly unattractive. Blech.

Whenever I think a planting like these is overpriced, I count the plants and see what it ends up costing per plant. Sometimes that helps justify the purchase. :)

(Oh, I know you like the wooden crates too.)
danger garden said…
I've never heard anyone say Costco is their favorite store! Would you believe we don't even have a Costco membership in my house? (No cable TV either but that's another story).
Mark and Gaz said…
A nice little surprise there from Costco, and just shows that you don't always know what extra new things they bring out whenever you visit. There's a Costco here too but the nearest one to us isn't that near so have only been a couple of times.
outlawgardener said…
What a fun surprise! Did you go back? You really should treat yourself! That's a beautiful Sedum (or whatever they're calling it now) and it would look fabulous in your garden. Can't you just imagine blue chalky fingers weaving their way around the yellow in those leaves? You would not only be doing it for yourself but would be brightening the days of your readers for years to come as you show us images of this gorgeous plant. What price can you put on that? It's simply the right thing to do!
You're probably right about the price. And I do like wooden crates although this one didn't have that vintage look.
We know quite a few people who love shopping at Costco. Who can resist 5-lb bags of tortilla chips. Or tequila in 1.5 l bottles! Or 36 rolls of toilet paper! Seriously, their prices are fantastic so over the course of a year you rack up some serious savings. We even booked our upcoming vacation trip through Costco!
That's exactly it. You never know what they'll have. Last year they had Cycas revoluta in 15-gallon containers for $29.99. I wish I'd bought some. They were the size that easily goes for $100 at a regular nursery.
Hmmmm, are you trying to put gentle pressure on me??? LOL.

There's always the weekend. It's conceivable I might just find myself near that Costco warehouse...
Anonymous said…
"Oh I wish the Costco near us had succulent displays!"

Truly indeed..
Holy cow, I going to ours and see if they have any! May be too late now though!
Unknown said…
I severly overwatered my blue chalk stick plant by accident. I have never owned one before but quickly fell in love with it. By the time I realized that I had overwatered it the majority of the plant was gone, rotting or very soft for lack of a better description. I was determined to save to was left and as a last ditch effort I pulled all the "soft, dead" stalks up and cut off all the soft portions of the stalks and all the bad sticks which has left me with some very healthy stalks but not a root in sight! Can I save the plant? BTW it is new and is inside. We live in Alabama!
Colbie, you did the right thing. The stalks reroot easily. Put them in well-drained soil, water them in a little, and wait. They should have new roots after 2-3 weeks. Then you can water them lightly once a week or so, depending on how much sun they get and how hot it is.