UC Botanical Garden plant sale this Saturday, 4/28/12

The biggest plant sale in Northern California is just days away: The UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley will have its spring sale this coming weekend. This is the mother of all plants sales. Sale tables will be spread throughout the UC Botanical Garden, and experts will be on hand to answer questions. To quote their website:

We specialize in regionally-appropriate Mediterranean climate plants. We also sell rare cycads and palms, carnivorous plants, cacti and succulents, rare bulbs, Asian plants, glorious vines, tropical and houseplants, dry-growing Mexican and Central American plants, and much more.

To get an idea of what will be available, check out their online plant list.

For example, the Palms & Cycads category includes items such as Brahea nitida 'Super Blue', Ceratozamia sp. 'El Mirador', Dioon angustifolium, Dioon spinulosum, Encephalartos caffer, Encephalartos ferox, Encephalartos lehmannii, Encephalartos paucidentatus, Jubaea chilensis, and Nannorrhops arabica (ritchianna 'Iran silver')

Under Cacti & Succulents you will find 40 agave species/cultivars and many other interesting succulents.

Other categories include California Natives, Grasses, Indoor Tropicals, Insectivores, Perennials, Subtropicals, Trees & Shrubs. Truly, something for everybody!

As always, members will have first dibs. The Members' Sale and Silent Auction is this Friday, April 27, from 5-7:30 p.m.

The public sale is this Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

I’m very tempted to go the Member’s Sale on Friday, but battling the rush hour traffic on I-80 would be a nightmare at that time of day. On the other hand, this opportunity to buy truly unique plants only comes around a few times a year. Maybe I’ll get up early on Saturday morning so I can be there at 9am sharp…

For more information, visit the UC Botanical Garden web site or follow their Facebook page.


  1. Looks like fun! But I think I will be playing in the garden. I haven't had a lot of time and have so much to do. But you never know. I may change my mind. I will let you know if I do.

  2. Go to the members sale! Can't you take off early on Friday afternoon to beat the rush hour! Then treat yourself to dinner or a movie before you head home. Do it! (and take lots of pictures)

  3. It's a dangerous time of year to go to such events. Beware for your car too could be loaded with plants with your wallet drained.

  4. The sample plant list are full of goodies! It'll be worth it going there early Saturday. Have fun and enjoy the day if you go :)


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