Lilac is blooming

It took two months from bud break, but our lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘Blue Skies’) is finally blooming. I wish I could digitize its fragrance and attach it to this post!

Those of you living in more temperate climes probably don’t quite understand why I’m making such a fuss about this, but lilacs are still relatively uncommon in the warmer parts of California because they can be difficult to grow here. Luckily, more and more low-chill hybrids like our ‘Blue Skies’ are becoming available. Personally, I’m waiting for a yellow one like ‘Primrose’. Or a low-chill re-bloomer like ‘Bloomerang’.


To me, there are few plants that smell as good as lilacs. In fact, I can only think of two: violets, and citrus trees. Speaking of which: It shouldn’t be long now before our orange, lime and lemon trees begin to bloom.

How can you not love spring?


  1. I've been thinking about trying a 'Boomerang' this year... need to find a good spot for it though.

    For scent, see if you can find a "chocolate flower", Berlandiera lyrata. Delicious!

  2. Very nice. How tall is the bush? Like 10'?

  3. David, yes, I'd say 10-12 ft. It's been the in ground for 13 years now. The one negative thing I could say about lilacs is that it's not the most interesting shrub when it's not in bloom.


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