First cactus flower of the year, part 2

In yesterday's post I showed a photo of our first blooming cactus of the year, Parodia werneri subsp. werneri. Today the second flower (out three) opened, and I’m so excited that I want to show you some more photos.

Please bear in mind that this cactus is only 2½ inches wide and 1¾ inches tall. The flowers are almost as tall as the plant! They have such a metallic sheen, that they almost look fake.

They’re only open for about four hours in the middle of the day. They’re fully open by noon and fully closed by 4 pm. When they’re closed, they look relative plain and unassuming—they certainly don’t give away the beauty hidden within.




Tomorrow, I promise, it’ll be back to regular programming. No cacti, just coverage of good old weekend yard work, and some sowing.


  1. What pollinates these? Bees?

    Beautiful for sure!

  2. Gorgeous! Reminds me of the color and sheen of some of the mesembryanthemum flowers!

  3. Alan, I did a quick search on parodia pollination and found this:

    "The flowers of most Parodia species are large and funnel- or occasionally bell- shaped, brightly colored, and pollinated by solitary bees."

  4. Lovely! Who'd have thought that such scary-looking (at least to my eyes :D) cacti can produce such lovely blooms!!!


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