Gully washers

The series of winter storms that has been thrashing us all week with on-again, off-again rain and at times gale-force winds came to a head on Thursday with torrential downpours—veritable gully washers.

Like many gardeners I’m obsessed with the weather. Even after 4¾ decades on earth I’m still in awe of the forces of nature, and I could watch the Weather Channel all day long if they didn’t have that stupid background music and so many commercials.

Here are some photos I took during the height of the rain earlier in the day. These photos aren’t really about anything, but hopefully they convey a little of the spectacle I was witnessing.

I love watching the sheets of rain being driven down the street.
Our three bambusas in the front yard. They love the rain!
View from the front door. I didn’t step out any further!
15-gallon Bambusa mutabilis blown over by the wind. I’ll tie it to the fence so it stays upright, otherwise the roots don’t get any water.
My temporary cactus shelter
is holding up well!
That’s what happens when your gutter is clogged. Many of the leaves from our formerly mistletoe-infested Bradford pear tree land on the front porch roof. The squirrels must have knocked off some of the gutter guard sections so leaves ended up in the gutter.
View of the woodland garden in the back yard from the dining room. I love standing by this window, looking out at the rain.
Taken through the wet window,
this photo has an almost impressionistic feel.
Our trusty red wagon deserves better than being left in the rain, but since it’s old, it just doesn’t get any respect.


  1. This is typical weather for end of winter for you? Once the rains end, you won't get much more for the next several months, right?
    It's not work, it's gardening!

  2. We get rain until March, sometimes April. Then no real rain until October or November, aside from a very occasional shower.

    You know what a really special weather treat is for us? Thunderstorms! We get so few.

  3. Re: weather channel - use mute button!!

    Aren't you glad all that rain wasn't snow! We just got in from clearing all the driveway, walks, etc. Beautiful blue skies now and the snow releasing from the trees! Gorgeous! Love your rain pictures!

  4. I sure like where you have your Phal orchids situated… what direction does this window face? Love the wagon pic!

  5. Petal Patch, that window faces southeast.

    You must be an orchid connoisseur to know that these are phalaenopsis from such a small photo. Orchids are my wife's thing. I'm sure I'd kill them in an instant if I took care of them!


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