Great plant deals at Lowe’s in West Sacramento

I went to Lowe’s in West Sacramento over lunch today to see what they have on clearance. After finding a very large golden barrel cactus last month, I didn’t expect to have much luck today. I’m happy to say that I was mistaken.

Right now, they have more plants on clearance than I’ve ever seen there before. In fact, there were at least four racks of clearance plants right by the entrance to the garden center. The selection ranged from junipers, heavenly bamboos and ferns to citrus trees, succulents and cacti. Except for a few succulents that were frost-damaged, all sale-priced plants looked to be in perfect condition. I assume Lowe’s is clearing these plants out to make room for more inventory. However, why mark down citrus trees now when their season is just starting? Not that I’m complaining—I snapped up a Meyer lemon. I’m sure we’ll find a spot for it in the front yard.

If you’re in the area, do stop by before these plants are gone. The prices are excellent. 1-gallon junipers, heavenly bamboos and similar landscaping shrubs were $1.50. Citrus trees in 13-inch treepots were $4.00. I saw a large fern in a 5-gallon container marked down from $19.95 to $5.00. Cacti and succulents ranged from $0.50 for the smallest size (2 inches) to $4.00 for 6-inch containers.

Here’s my loot for today. I picked up two Old Gold junipers (Juniperus chinensis ‘Old Gold’) for my in-laws, the rest is for us. Grand total for everything: $29.

Here’s what I picked up at Lowe’s today
These 8-inch square metal containers are perfect for a miniature succulent garden. They were $0.50 each.


  1. Nice haul! I especially love getting pots on clearance. Haven't seen any this year at Lowe's or HD -- maybe my timing was wrong.

    What is the "bunches of grapes" succulent at the bottom of the last photo?

  2. Alan, that's a string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus). Here is a much better photo (not mine though). I've resisted getting one because it's a tropical plant and only hard to 36°F or so. In addition, it doesn't really like hot weather. It's quite a temperamental thing, apparently. But it's such a cool and unique plant and it was only $1.50...


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