Bamboo in the wind

For the last 24 hours, high winds with gusts up to 40 miles per hour have been whipping through the Sacramento Valley. Last night, the wind was so loud that I ended up sleeping with the pillow over my ears to block out the sound. This morning, our newspaper was in the middle of the street; it had been blown right out of our driveway. And just now when I got the mail from the community mailboxes down the street, I noticed hundreds of mistletoe berries that had been knocked out of the mistletoe-infested Bradford pear tree by the mailboxes. That was a very odd sight—maybe because I hadn’t expected to see so many of these greenish white berries that to me look like something a witch in a Grimm fairytale would use to concoct a poisonous brew.

The wind is supposed to die down this evening, but right now at 3:30pm, it’s still beating the living daylights out of the potted Golden Goddess bamboos next to our front door. It’s a good thing I had just watered them. Nothing desiccates bamboo leaves faster than a high wind, so be sure to keep your bamboos well watered, especially potted specimens.



  1. Very hypnotic. At least you can be thankful you don't have freezing temps along with the wind.
    It's not work, it's gardening!

  2. Sheldon, GROOOOOAAAAN.

    Alan, believe me, I thank my lucky stars quite regularly!

  3. amazing photo post, dont know how you did it but i like the dancing bamboos against static background.

  4. I'm doing some catching up reading posts as you know we've been away :)

    I'd like to echo what Andrea has just said, that 'moving photo' is superb, caught me by surprise as I scrolled down the screen!

    Funny enough, we had gail force winds Friday last week, so strong that it blew off the pond cover which were weighted down with rocks, that's never happened before. Typical of something like that to happen while we're away.

  5. The photo did come out great. Just like I had hoped.

    The process is no great secret. With the camera on the tripod, I took six photos in quick succession. In Photoshop I then combined them into an animated GIF.

    If you don't have Photoshop, there are free animated GIF converters on the web; simply do a search for "create animated GIF".


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