Jeremy Spath's Hidden Agave Ranch: the greenhouse

In my first post about Hidden Agave Ranch, I showed you the spectacular grounds and many of the agaves Jeremy has growing in the ground. This post focuses on the greenhouse, which is home both to Jeremy's personal collection and to the agaves he grows for sale.

Here's the entrance to the greenhouse. The hill on the left is dedicated to plants from Baja California.

And a wide-angle view of the inside:

Jeremy's collection is distributed throughout the greenhouse.

Agave desmettiana with even better variegation that 'Joe Hoak', and Agave albopilosa

I bet this Agave desmettiana will make a lot of people drool

Agave parrasana × isthmensis

Agave gypsophila × utahensis var. nevadensis

The inventory available for sale includes both seed-grown plants (as the Agave pintilla and Agave victoriae-reginae below) and tissue-cultured plants. Jeremy has his own tissue culture lab and definitely knows how to make the magic happen.

Agave pintilla seedlings. Notice the natural color variation.

Agave pintilla (gray-green)

Agave pintilla (yellowish green)

Agave victoriae-reginae from seed collected in Huasteca Canyon in Nuevo León,  Mexico. This batch has particularly nice white markings.

Variegated Agave polianthiflora, unfortunately not for sale

Toothy Agave horrida

Agave colorata × utahensis var. nevadensis

These are plants tissue-cultured by Jeremy himself

Agave victoriae-reginae 'White Rhino' with mostly all-white leaves. With so little chlorophyll, it's got to be a glacially slow grower.

Variegated Agave 'Blue Glow'; the plant on the right is producing pups in response to coring

A tray full of Agave 'Blue Glow Mediopicta'

Agave ovatifolia ’Vanzie Albomarginata', I assume from coring the original plant

Agave ovatifolia ’Vanzie Albomarginata'

Agave montana

Agave 'Blue Glow' × mitis

Agave utahensis var. eborispina × Agave victoriae-reginae (hybrid made by Matt Maggio)

Agave victoriae-reginae × guadalajarana 

Agave victoriae-reginae 'White Rhino' next to Jeremy's own hybrids

Dudleya campanulata 

Dudleya gnoma 

Dudleya gnoma 

As I mentioned in my first post, you can buy some of Jeremy's plants, both hybrids and seed-grown species, from his web site, But if you want to choose from an even bigger selection and pick out your own plants, you can make an appointment to visit Hidden Agave Ranch.

You're probably wondering what goodies I brought home. Wonder no more:

TOP: Agave horrida × parrasanaAgave titanota × 'Blue Glow'
MIDDLE: Agave titanota × isthmensisAgave titanota × margaritae
BOTTOM: Agave nickelsiae, Agave victoriae-reginae (seed from Huasteca Canyon)

Close-ups so you can see more detail:

TOP: Agave horrida × parrasana, Agave titanota × 'Blue Glow'
BOTTOM: Agave titanota × isthmensis, Agave titanota × margaritae

Yellow: Hesperoyucca whipplei from a purple-flowering plant on Jeremy's property
Orange: Dudleya gnoma, a dwarf species from the Channel Islands
(The larger dudleyas and the Dioscorea hemicrypta came from Solana Succulents.)

In these uncertain times, it's hard to make predictions for what's to come, but I know that my future holds more visits to Hidden Agave Ranch!

      Hidden Agave e-commerce site (in case you want to place an order)
      Hidden Agave Instagram page (fantastic photos!)
      A place to call home (2014 article about Jeremy from The Coast News)

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  1. You bet correctly: Agave desmettiana is definitely drool worthy. This must be part of the personal collection: I can't imaging parting with such a magnificent specimen.

    1. The A. desmettiana is Jeremy's personal plant--not for sale. I'm hoping that when it eventually flowers, it'll have lots of bulbils.

  2. Now that's the greenhouse of my dreams! I'd need at least another half-acre of land, though...You're right that there are a lot of drool-worthy plants there too. I've bookmarked his online site. Congrats on your haul, Gerhard. That was a productive trip.

    1. I loved the greenhouse, too, and all the space. I've been dreaming of a place like that...

  3. Some incredible hybrids. I am a sucker for a nice yellow variegation. The A. polianthiflora is drool-worthy. Hopefully he will be able to produce babes from this one. Yes I can see many trips to this nursery. Look forward to seeing where your new purchases will go.

    1. I'm a sucker for variegation, too, especially in unexpected species!

      This is the first variegated A. polianthiflora I've ever seen. It's a solitary species, so the only way to make more would be to core it.

  4. Thanks a lot for this post. Very interesting

  5. Is Agave ovatifolia ’Vanzie Albomarginata the same as ovatifolia "Orca"? I have never heard of "’Vanzie Albomarginata" before. Is it a new variegated ovatifolia?


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