Wednesday Vignette: tulips, tulips, tulips

This is something you don’t see here in the Sacramento Valley:


When I saw this house, I literally slammed on the brakes (fortunately there was nobody behind me) and pulled over. This sight is the very definition of cheery, isn’t it? A perfect spring vignette!

Seen last weekend in Victoria, British Columbia. Post about my whirlwind trip to BC coming soon.


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  1. No drought there? I bet they have a lawn, too. A really, really, really green one.

    1. Yep, really green lawn. No drought, but the average rainfall in Victoria is not that much, only 28 inches (700 mm). That may seem like a lot to us drought-ridden Californians, but other places in British Columbia are significantly wetter. Vancouver has 57 inches, Tofino (on the west coast of Vancouver Island) a staggering 128 inches.

    2. Source:

  2. Wow, before I saw your footnote about British Columbia, I thought someone with very deep pockets had gone completely crazy up your way!

  3. That is wonderful! That's one of those dream scenes... even if thinking about how much water that takes makes my head hurt.

  4. Wow! I think it's displays like these (and other mass plantings) that fuel tulip bulb sales each year. Most people don't buy them by the hundreds though, and that's what you need to do for traffic stoppers like this!


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