Front yard desert garden index

hedgetrimmerIn February 2014 we decided to remove an overgrown Japanese mock orange hedge (Pittosporum tobira) along the street side of our property and replace it with a variety of desert natives and suitable companion plants. Even though the hedge was technically along the narrow side of the back yard, I’ll refer to this project as the “front yard desert garden” because it is an extension of the planting strip that wraps around the front yard.

This index lists all the posts pertaining to this project.


February 17, 2014: Big changes coming to the front yard

March 4, 2014: The plants are here!

March 6, 2014: The pittosporum hedge is gone

March 10, 2014: The soil has arrived

March 16, 2014: First look at planted desert garden

April 9, 2014: Quick update on our new desert garden bed

May 16, 2014: Rock mulch for desert garden bed

June 24, 2014: Front yard desert bed—June 2014 update

September 30, 2014: Front yard desert bed—September 2014 update

April 6, 2015: Front yard desert bed at age 1

October 23, 2015: Front yard desert bed at 1½ (October 2015 update)