Making pots, the conclusion

Last August I blogged about making pots at the Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Society (SCSS). In October we glazed our pots, and in yesterday’s meeting we planted them.

Considering that most members had never made a pot before, the results were anything but dull. Most people went for a free-form look; nobody attempted to make a “perfect” pot. Here are some examples:




Here are my two pots. I’m quite happy with how they turned out.





The plants I’d brought for my pots included a Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha I’d won at an SCSS raffle last year and a Dyckia fosteriana hybrid from last fall’s Ruth Bancroft Garden plant sale.


LEFT: Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha
RIGHT: Dyckia fosteriana hybrid


Dyckia fosteriana hybrid

And here are my finished pots:


Dyckia fosteriana hybrid


Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha

Candy Suter of Sweetstuff’s Sassy Succulents created an impressive succulent arrangement with off-the-shelf succulents from Lowes. I think it would easily sell for $50 at an upscale urban nursery!


The tall plant Candy is holding the next photo (right) is a Yucca gloriosa a member had brought in to give away. Candy snapped it up to plant in her garden. I was joking that it would look quite interesting in the pot she’d made.

 130226_SCSS_36 130226_SCSS_17

Here are a few other pots I really liked:


Gasteria liliputana


Agave utahensis


Unidentified Dudleya species in a very shallow dish (about 1” deep)

This was such a fun project, we will do again this year. Maybe I’ll attempt something a little less rough around the edges. On the other hand, if I want a polished-looking pot, I can buy one at any store…

P.S. Check out Candy’s post on our pottery adventure!


  1. Those pots look fun! The plants you chose complement the pots perfectly.

    The Euphorbia looks like miniature palm trees!

    1. Miniature palm trees: That's exactly what I thought! That Euphorbia decaryi has been in the dining room all winter and it's become a personal favorite.

    2. I love it! And together with the pot it looks like miniature palm trees growing on a small tropical island :)

      Well done with the pots btw, they look nice even without any plants on it!

  2. Great post Mr. Bock! Cracking up at the pics of me! Can you send those to me so I can put in post I'm doing! I will send you some too! What a fun time we had and excited we get to do it again. $50.00.....really?


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