High Country Gardens is back

Look what showed up in my inbox today:


An email from High Country Gardens!

Not even three months ago I thought they were going out of business and we would lose the country’s premier mail-order nursery for waterwise plants.

According to the email:

This winter the Salman family made the difficult decision to close their garden centers and sell the High Country Gardens division. American Meadows, a leader in mail-order gardening, is excited to have acquired High Country Gardens. Our loyal High Country Gardens customers are curious about how this will affect the products and services they’ve come to expect.

First of all, David Salman will continue as Chief Horticulturist with a focus on developing new and innovative waterwise plants while ensuring that all High Country products will still be focused on the same principles that have served the brand for 20 years—innovative, eco-friendly plants delivered with a passionate dedication to customer service, helpful information and the highest attention to quality.

I think this is fantastic news. We need nurseries like High Country Gardens to counterbalance the ho-hum offerings found in big box stores and even locally owned garden centers.

As you can see in the photo above, the new High Country Gardens is offering 20% off on your entire order. Please support them with your plant buying dollars!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. I'll check out the catalog to see if it's changed much.

    1. Wow. Did their prices jump, or were they this high before? $8.99 for many perennials?

  2. Seriously amazing...I heard rumors that they might return in some form...SO EXCITED!!!!


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