Spectacular ginkgo

I always say that there is no fall color in Davis. While it is true that our native trees (like oaks) aren’t much to write home about as far as colorful fall foliage is concerned, imported trees do provide bursts of color here and there.

I take my younger daughter to school every morning, and this past week I’ve been captivated by this one Ginkgo biloba. This morning I finally took my camera and snapped a few shots. The color is breathtaking. The leaves are so yellow, they almost hurt your eyes!


If only we had more room at our place, I’d plant a row of ginkgos. I think their leaves are among the most beautiful of any tree, especially this variegated variety.

A friend just told me about four more ginkgos in our part of town, and I will try to find them on the weekend to take photos.


  1. We have room up here! After the glorious pictures and some research, I think they would do very well up here, besides being stunning with all the evergreens!
    Not to mention the Bamboo!

  2. Becky, don't you worry, I'm always on the lookout :-).

  3. I was virtually saying exactly the same thing a few days ago when we spotted a ginkgo in full yellow splendour in Brussels! It is truly stunning when it changes colour in the autumn as the leaves take on an intense, uniform, and bright yellow colour :)


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