Lone cactus

I had a business lunch in Berkeley the other day and on the way home I stopped at Lemuria Nursery in Dixon. The sky was filled with towering clouds—the kind that usually heralds a sudden change in the weather.


The soil of the fields, now bare, contrasted almost epically with the huge Western sky.

The icing on the cake was one lone cactus, some form of Cereus, growing on the edge of a fallow field. The picture postcard motif was complete.


As I was leaving the country road and turned back onto the freeway, I felt like I had just visited a remote corner of the Desert Southwest. Amazing how a place so close to home can seem so far away.



  1. Beautiful!

    On a slightly related note -- don't you wish there was a way to "nicen up" the edges of panoramas? Sometimes you'll lose too much by cropping, but the way they handle the edges is terrible.

  2. Alan, I think here the irregular edges work but in general they can be distracting. I guess we're supposed to crop panoramic images so the margins are cut off :-).

  3. Awesome photography as always Gerhard!


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