Calla comeback

Last week I posted a photo of the calla lilies in our back yard after a particularly cold night (10 hours below 32°F). I was convinced that all top growth was dead and that we would have to wait for the leaves to grow back from the rhizomes.


I’m very happy to report that I was wrong.

While some leaves are clearly damaged…


…and some look curiously yellow…


…the majority of them fared much better shape than I had anticipated.


It even looks like the flower stalks have survived unscathed and the flowers will open up soon, provided the temperatures manage to stay above freezing.


What a testament to the resilience of these beautiful plants!


  1. They're alot more resilient than they come across as. Tough plants, even with hard frosts they do come back from the ground :)

    Great aroid for that Tropical look!


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