Bamboo gloves


No, not gloves for bamboo—gloves from bamboo. These utility gloves are made of 70% rayon made from bamboo and 30% cotton. As a bamboo aficionado, I was very pleased when I found these gloves in my Christmas stocking (literally). They’re available from Amazon if you’re interested.

It’s wonderful seeing more and more products made from bamboo. I’m still tempted to get this.


  1. The FTC doesn't like when companies label clothing as made from "bamboo fibers". It's rayon, and the source of the cellulose used to make the rayon apparently doesn't matter.

  2. I guess the word "rayon" should have tipped me off. Still, they're very comfortable, and they have no holes like my old favorite pair :-).

  3. I use a similar type of glove when moving furniture or boxes. They quite grippy. =)


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