Please read if you subscribe to email notifications from Succulents and More

Effective July 1, 2021, Feedburner, a Google service, will no longer notify email subscribers of new posts on Succulents and More. Like many bloggers, I'm really disappointed because the service worked so well.

I have switched to a new service called but the process hasn't been as seamless as I had hoped. Some of you might have received emails in German or not received anything at all. The language issue has been resolved, but if you don't get an email notification when I publish a new post, please resubscribe at

You will then receive emails that look like this:

To prevent your email client from blocking my email notifications, it might be a good idea to add (the email address my notifications come from) to your list of approved (or “safe”) senders. Instructions for Gmail can be found here.

If you've missed any of my recent posts, please visit Succulents and More in your browser to catch up. Here are the most recent posts:


  1. Thankfully, I never used the email notifications. I have bookmarks for my favorite garden blogs and I check them daily (unless I'm traveling, after which there is an awful lot of posts to catch up on),


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