Wacky Wednesday featuring nine red cactus flowers

Our Echinopsis ‘Johnson Hybrid’ just had a nonuplet of flowers. I was hoping they'd open two or three at a time so the entire show would last a little longer, but no, all nine opened on the same day. By the afternoon on the second day, the flowers were all done. So much concentrated beauty in such a short span of time!

I took the photos above at 7:30 am when this area was still in the shade.

Same scene in the early afternoon:

I have one more echinopsis that hasn't flowered yet...

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  1. Pretty spectacular! Your photos made me realize that I have the same cactus tho it was sold to me as a Trichocereus with white blooms. It bloomed with the same eye-popping red flower just last week.

    1. For some inexplicable reason, Trichocereus has been lumped into Echinopsis.

      I hope you weren't disappointed when your Trichocereus had red flowers instead of white!

    2. It was supposed to be a Big Bertha, so it was a shock to see the red. But it is a gorgeous plant. And I can still get a Big Bertha. Just should see it in bloom to make sure.

  2. I guess that much drama is hard to sustain for long! I've noticed that my Echinopsis oxygona blooms also last only a single day.

  3. What a gorgeous shade of red! The close-up of the flowers reminds me of some early-season herbaceous hybrid peonies -- the cupped blooms, satiny glossiness of the petals, and the two-toned effect of the stamens. Some of them aren't in bloom much longer than the cactus, tbh. What pollinates these? Looks as if it would be a magnet for hummingbirds.

  4. It is interesting but I have never seen a hummingbird on one of my Echinopsis or Trich flowers. Lots of bees though!


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