Marin County Open Garden Day

Today I went on a tour of three gardens in Marin County as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program. My expectations were very high since Marin County has some of the most spectacular real estate in Northern California and I knew that garden design was an integral part of the properties on the tour.

Not only was I not disappointed, I was blown away by two of the three gardens I visited. The first was the jungle paradise I’ve always dreamed of. The second was the most spectacular combination of architecture and garden design I’d ever seen. The third was over-designed for my taste but there were still individual aspects I liked.

Here is a taste of what I saw:

Worth’s Paradise panorama

Worth’s paradise tree ferns

Mediterranean Marin panorama

Mediterranean Marin patio

Under the Sea, High in the Hills

Under the Sea, High in the Hills

Here are detailed posts about the gardens I visited:


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    1. I assume you are referring to THEIR life?! I felt like an outsider peeking in, let me tell you. Buying a multi-million dollar house just isn't on my agenda for this year or next, LOL.

    2. Ha! Yes, I meant theirs.

      I went to a few of the HPSO Open Gardens yesterday, while I saw a few nice homes none were quite like this!

  2. With 400 photos you could have told us that you moved into one of these houses, and kept the charade going for a few months. :-)

  3. 400 photos, that indicates a lot! Figuratively of course :) And the few that have been featured so far are stunning!! Looking forward to seeing more...


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