Free e-book “At Home with Succulents”

If you’ve ever bought a succulent at a big box store like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Orchard or even Walmart, you’ve bought a plant by Altman Plants. Headquartered in Vista, CA (northern San Diego County), Altman has three growing facilities totaling more than 880 acres and is North America’s largest succulent grower. According to their web site, they grow more than 1,000 different species.

I’ve bought many Altman plants before, including three just today. Their plants are top notch and very reasonably priced. I know many people complain about the neglected succulents at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. but that is the stores’ fault, not Altman’s. I’ve seen brand-new Altman deliveries arriving, and the plants are flawless.

After buying an Altman-grown Agave ghiesbreghtii at Lowe’s today, I went to, Altman’s info site, to see what other agaves they have. There I saw that Ken Altman has written a new publication called At Home with Succulents that can be downloaded for free:


First I thought this might just be a flimsy promotional piece, but it actually is a beautifully designed 13-page brochure with dozens of outstanding photographs. Debra Lee Baldwin, the country’s most influential garden writer specializing in succulents, is mentioned in the credits and her two books, Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens, are listed in the “Books” section.

Even if succulents are not necessarily your cup of tea, you might enjoy looking at the photos in At Home with Succulents. Many of them are truly inspiring.


  1. Gerhard, back in the late 70's to early 80's I worked for Nurseryland Garden centers in San Diego County.Most of our cactus and succulents were from Altmans.I rarely shop at box stores , but would not hesitate to buy an Altmans plant if it was fresh.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up on the e-book. Off to download it now. - Bom


    1. Priscilla, the book has moved to a new page, it seems: The download is working as of March 6, 2018.


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