Blitz cleanup for Halloween

This summer, as if by magic, a lot of potted plants have accumulated on the flagstone walkway that goes from the driveway to the front door. I love the look of pots massed together, but with Halloween just a day away, I thought it prudent to do a quick cleanup in this area. While none of these plants would seriously injure any trick-or-treaters, I’m more concerned about the health and safety of the plants. You never know what kind of mischief human ghouls and goblins might be up to! The potted cacti a couple of photos down are especially tempting. Knocking them over would be sooooo easy!

This is what the bend of the walkway looked like this morning...


…and now. Granted, I could have removed a few more pots, but this should be fine.


Here are five potted cacti perched on top of the fence. Normally not a problem, but a little nudge is all it takes to knock them off their perch.


So I put them away for the time being.


Where did all the plants go, you might wonder?

They’re in the backyard in what will be new main potting area.


I love these deep nursery trays. I got them used from Yucca Do Nursery in Texas. Unfortunately, they’re out of stock at the moment.


After Halloween, I’ll have to get serious about building a rain shelter for my cacti. While the weather has been preternaturally beautiful, the winter rains will come sooner than we would like.


  1. I like your new planting area. What I can see of it. You should see mine. Crazy huge and under a cover Stan put up so I will be in the shade. I have shelves, drawers, bins with dirt, rocks and shells. Pots everywhere and plants waiting to be potted. Crazy area. I am glad you are moving your beautiful cactus. Those little goblins sometimes get curious.

  2. Is the potting bench (with sink) still on the "to-do" list? That design has been in my head for a year now, and I think I have pretty much everything worked out.

  3. Candy, I want to see all your succulents. I'll email you.

    Alan, any suggestions for a potting bench would be welcome. This is just a stainless table we put there for now.


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