Mangave cold tolerance: a comprehensive list

A friend recently asked me if I know of a resource that gives the cold hardiness of mangaves. The information she was looking for is out there, but it's in bits and pieces. This gave me the idea of collating this information into one comprehensive list. The result is below. 

To make the list easy to find, I've created a permanent page on Succulents and More. To access it, simply click the Mangave Cold Tolerance link in the header of every post.

The following list gives the cold tolerance of most known mangave varieties. The most useful sources  of information are the websites of San Marcos Growers and Plant Delights Nursery. I also give the agave and manfreda parents of each variety (where known); this helps infer likely cold hardiness based on parentage.

This list should be a good starting point for your own trials. If your experience differs from the list, please leave a comment at the bottom of the Mangave Cold Tolerance page. 


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  1. This is fantastic. Thanks Gerhard, this is so helpful. I keep most of my agaves in a cold but bright frost free garage over the winter. Have never been sure about the mangaves as it's been hard to info on their cold hardiness. Hence, they live inside. Have had some sad losses.

  2. As always, your lists are helpful to many (not that I can recall any temperatures in the 20s since I escaped the San Fernando Valley decades ago). Tools like this will be a good fit for the books I expect you to write someday ;)

  3. This is so helpful. Thanks very much.


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