2022 San Francisco Cactus & Succulent Society sale TODAY

After skipping the last few years because of the pandemic, the San Francisco Cactus & Succulent Society Show and Sale is back. In fact, it's going on right now, June 17 to 19, 2022 at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park (directions here). There's still time to go; on Saturday, the hours are 10 am to 5 pm; on Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

Over 30 plant vendors are selling a huge variety of cacti and other succulents. In addition, members of the San Francisco Bromeliad Society are selling choice bromeliads.

I was there on Friday afternoon for the members-only sale and took some photos to whet your appetite.

My friend Justin Thiel is a first-time vendor. Be sure to check out his table. He's also selling some of my plants.

As always, Planta Seca has a large selection of flowering rebutias and similar cacti

Gardeners Home table

Gardeners Home table

Some unusual plants that caught my eye:

Plectranthus ernestii

Variegated Haworthiopsis limifolia

Monstrose Monvillea spegazzinii 

Variegated Euphorbia poissonii

Euphorbia abdelkuri

Desert Wonders table

Dioscorea elephantipes

Haworthia truncata with rare orange variegation

Haworthia truncata with rare orange variegation

Myrmecodia platytyrea var. antoinii

Monanthes muralis

Variegated Adenium obesum

I helped out at one of the checkout tables, and this was the largest single purchase that came through our line

Below is my haul. The majority of them came from Brian Kemble, the curator of the Ruth Bancroft Garden. He's selling a large variety of rare and unusual aloes, agaves and cacti as well as some South African bulbs.

White and green form of Dudleya candida

Tacitus bellus

Hechtia pretiosa

Aloe cryptoflora

Aloe laeta hybrid

Tephrocactus geometricus

Lobivia formosa

Knysnia lily (Cyrtanthus obliquus)

Agave pintilla with particularly beautiful markings, even on such a young plant

Agave utahensis var. eborispina 

If you live within driving distance of San Francisco and have some time this weekend, don't miss this sale!

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  1. checking flights now...haha. I remember some pretty great plant sales by SF bot but what a treat to attend this one by SFCSS. Nice shopping by you!

    1. I think there was tremendous pent-up demand because SF hadn't had a show and sale in three years. The Sacramento show in May had record sales as well, so it seems to be a universal phenomenon.

  2. Plant sales = FUN! Looks like a great range was up for grabs at the show. That Haworthia truncata with rare orange variegation is pretty awesome - it'd want to be for $500! Who needs to eat when one can buy plants ;)

    1. They were a lot of rare and expensive plants for sale. I assume they were priced right because many sold :-)


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